Car Rental in Bhutan For Adventurous Road Trip in Land of Thunder Dragons

Car rental in Bhutan, is the main reason Green Heaven Tours & Tourism have been offering, so that you can go on a perfect road trip in Bhutan with your family and loved ones. From trekkers to explorers, travel bloggers to food bloggers, they all fit in Bhutan. Tourism has always been a major boost in Bhutan and Government has been doing everything they can to improve their hospitality, which leads to massive Bhutan Economic Growth. Bhutan is blessed with incredible destinations for people of all ages.

Imagine yourself cruising through the winding mountains of the Bhutan with your family and loved ones, playing your favourite music, enjoying the landscape view that signifies the soul of the Bhutan. We also offer car rental in Jaigaon, with fleet of cars to choose ranging from Maruti Suzuki Swift to Toyota Innova. We will take care of all the necessary permits required to visit Bhutan including travelers’ permits. You can also choose from various Bhutan Tour Packages we offer to make your trip hassle free, making us the best travel agency in Jaigaon. You can personalize your trips with number of people travelling to Bhutan and the rest will be taken care by our agency.

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Why Our Car Rental in Jaigaon with Our Travel Agency in Bhutan?

Jaigaon is a perfect place to rent a car for your trip in Bhutan. It lies in the border of Indo – Bhutan (Jaigaon - Phuentsholing), allowing you to stroll over the city at night after finishing your permits. Car rental in Jaigaon along with car rental in Bhutan allows you to start your road trip right from Bhutan (Phuentsholing) and end your perfect journey, taking lots of memories back. Some of the aspects that define us:

  • Choose your car according to your needs.
  • Offers wide range of cars from hatchback to sedan to SUVs.
  • Customizable road trip, as we offer car on tour packages or daily basis.
  • Guidance on road trip.
  • Road Trip extension to Paro would be good idea.

Note: Please carry your valid driving license and a proof of identity before renting out a car for Bhutan.

car rental in bhutan

Things to Explore with our travel agency in Bhutan

Our travel agency in Bhutan, offers the best of both worlds. Although we do provide car rental in Bhutan, but expect the unexpected in this vacation with your family and loved ones. With forest coverage of 72%, one can surely feel the peace and soul in the country. Some of the adventures you can explore:

  • Trekking in Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest Monastery)
  • Visit the Great Buddha Dordenma (Buddha’s Point)
  • Dochula Pass
  • White Water Rafting in Punakha
  • Thimphu Chorten (Memorial Chorten)
  • Clock Tower Square (Thimphu)

car rental in bhutan

Important Things to Remember Before Going on a Road Trip

Here are some of the guidance’s you would require based on the experience of our car rental in Bhutan:

  • The route between Thimphu and Phuentsholing is narrow, so you should have a good experience before driving the route. Amateurs are not recommended to drive this route. Having said that, Bhutan follows traffic rules very strictly. There is a speed limit of 50 Kmph in the city and you will be penalized if found guilty. Mostly the roads are one way route and you might find difficulty riding in the city. There are no traffic lights in the country and zebra crossing has huge importance in the city, unlike other countries. Make sure you put brakes in the pedal if you find someone standing in zebra crossing.
  • The citizens of Bhutan mostly uses car so expect a little crowded in the city. Don’t try to overtake any car in the city and try to maintain the queue without honking, as Bhutan has strict no honking policy. Only honk when you see honking sign in the board.
  • Be careful during valleys as the roads are very curvy in the mountains and expect cars coming without honking. The best time to start your road trip would be at 10:00 AM from Phuentsholing to Thimphu/Paro. Expect drastic change in climate in Gedu, since the climate is always foggy and breezy making it difficult to ride for riders.

car rental in bhutan
Bhutan: Perfect Place to Reinvent Yourself

Mark Twain once said “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”. So, why miss a chance of a lifetime to have a road trip with your friends, family or your loved ones assuring you a memorable journey that you will cherish forever. Considering that, we have been offering car rental in Bhutan.